Wednesday, June 10, 2009

IF - Craving

We Are All Unique, 20" x 24", Acrylics and Mixed Media on Canvas (SOLD)

I live in the desert, so what do I get a craving for in the summer? Flowers and color. Right now the desert is alive with our own kind of colors. We have beautiful purple Butterfly Bushes and flowering cacti that are breathtaking. But I do miss, crave really, your garden variety (pun intended) blossoming flowers with lush green leaves and lazy bees and bugs circling all around them that we used to see at this time when we lived in the mid-west.


Alma Lee said...

Love the piece! First it catches your eye, then it pulls you into it's spell! Help I've fallen and can't get up!:)

Coreopsis said...

I'd have a hard time in the desert this time of year too. THese are great colors--all that blue and green--water and vegetation. Beautiful!

Moriah said...

I'll have to send you some pics of my garden-- the delphinium are taller than I am!

Michelle Eaton said...

Such a beautiful piece!


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