Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Nibblefest Time!

This little guy has been through a lot. He's a tough little warrior though.

Now this is all pretty hush, hush, but at one time Barbie had a little "thing" with Oscar (that's right, THE grouch). Garbie here is their love child. This is the secret Barbie doesn't want anyone to know.

Poor Garbie--he's not welcome in the Dream House and he really doesn't fit in on the Street (Sesame, that is). Won't you give him a good home?

This is my entry for the Nibblefest Art Contest for May on e-bay. The theme this month is "The Secret Life of Toys". Shhhh, don't tell Barbie's dirty little secret. :)


1 comment:

tangled stitch said...

Cool! Great use of the word warrior and great story!


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