Monday, April 20, 2009

Newest Piece - Once Upon a Time

You may be seeing a lot of this one on my blog. It's going to be my entry in several of the online contests I'm involved in. And I'm pretty excited about it as well. I had so much fun with this painting. It's acrylic, ink, colored pencil and collage on paper and measures 9.5" x 7.5" FRAMED.

It will soon be listed on e-bay for the Nibblefest Contest, so head on over tonight and take a look if you're interested.

The theme for this month is Favorite Childhood Story. Instead of choosing one story in particular, I decided to include elements that are universal to many of the Princess/Prince stories we grew up with.

This little square with the apple is one of my favorite parts of the piece. Simple and to the point.

I know I'm a junkie for WIP (work in progress) pictures. I LOVE to see the journey a painting takes before it's finished. So here's a WIP of this piece laid out on the cover of a sketchbook that I was using as a "table".



The Bell Fam said...

That is amazing how you get to the finished product. I love it! Each square is so adorable. You are so creative.

Diane said...

This is really cute, Tif!


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