Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Cousteau Hat

This one was requested by the boy so I got right to work on it. It's rare that he gets very excited about stuff his mom makes. And who can blame him--a lot of the stuff is pretty girly. :) But he took a liking to the Cousteau Hat when I made one for my husband. So his wish is my command.
Right now this minute they are both out in the garage wearing their hats working on a Pinewood Derby car. I love it!

Pattern: Cousteau Hat
Yarn Used: Cascade 220
 Needle Size: US 5


Moriah said...

Love the hat, especially the colors!

Beth said...

Nice to know that you can take the boy from the Buckeyes, but you can't take the Buckeyes from the boy.

Britt said...

I can't believe you really made that! We are related, you know. What happened to me?!?

You are amazing.


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