Friday, October 10, 2008

Some Fun Thankgiving Projects

Small Give Thanks Blocks (SOLD)

Large FALL Blocks

I made a set of these for each of my sisters. When I asked them what they wanted for Christmas, they both said they had enough Christmas stuff, but needed some Thanksgiving or Fall decorations. So they each got their Christmas presents this week. :)

I also made a Blessings Book for each of them. I thought we could start a tradition of writing down what everyone is thankful for each year--sort of a Thanksgiving journal. These were made on Composition Books. I just love to alter them.

Below are two I did for myself. See I can't stop making them! :)


Devyn Larson said...

Love your new Fall/Thanksgiving blocks! Great work!!
The blessing books are a fantastic idea. ")

Diane Duda said...

i love everything, tif!
you have the best ideas.


The Bell Fam said...

Love the blessings book so much. I am so excited to hear the kids lists and see how they change every year. You know while they are young that it will be hilarious. So darling!! I love it. Great job!

The Bell Fam said...

I love the size of the large blocks. They look fantastic on my wall shelf. They are so darling for Fall. We love them. Everyone needs more Fall and Thanksgiving decor, right? It is perfect!


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