Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crafty Stuff Today...

I was in the studio all day today making stuff. But probably not what you'd expect. I made these for a hair bow class I'm teaching next month for church. This is the sample:

And I made this pillow for my daughter (of course eventually she'll get the hair bows too):

I have a theory that if something is easily accessible, you'll use it and if it's not, you won't. So I've been completely re-arranging my studio to make things more accessible. For example, my sewing machine used to be buried under a bunch of stuff...
Well, theory proven. I opened my cabinet, saw it just sitting there with nothing piled on top of it and all my fabric scraps neatly arranged and I pulled it out to make this pillow! The pillow is 9" x 9". The picture makes it look a little bigger than that.

I put it on her bed while she was at school and when she saw it, I heard, "Ohhhhh...." and a giggle. That's a good sign. Here it is on her bed. (Oh yes folks, that is pink faux fur. Only the best for the Princess Palace!) :)

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The Bell Fam said...

Oh,you sew too? You are way too talented to be related to me. Are you sure we have the same parents?


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