Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Collaboration - Patio Table

My husband just built us a beautiful new dining room table. (Seriously, it's amazing!) So we had our old "passed down to us from someone it was passed down to before that" dining room table from the seventies? eighties? Who knows? (When we got it in '96 we were it's third family that we know of). Super sturdy and solid and well made, but oh so dated. So I knew I had to paint on it. My largest canvas yet--3' x5'. Here it is before:

My daughter and I worked on it together. We drew flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, hearts--you know, all the fun girly stuff on it. Then we painted it with all the fun girly colors. :) Here she is working on one of the flowers:

And here is the final table. We have put many, many layers of varnish on it and it's going to be our new patio table. Won't this be fun to eat outside on? I can't wait!

Here it is outside on the patio ready for a party!

I entered this on A Soft Spot to Land for DIY Day!


mystele said...

aaaggggh! sooo cool! i am definitely trying this...we're getting an antique scandanavian dining set from my mom. so,i'm soo going to paint up our kmart table! i can't wait. thanks for the inspiration!

Diane Duda said...

it's amazing!

Moriah said...

Your table is freakin awesome! Great way to reuse your old table!
You'll have to see what I did this weekend, I'll post tomorrow after I take pics!

michelle said...

your table is beautiful! : )
looks like a perfect place for happy dining and relaxing.

Brittney said...

AMAZING table!!! Love how fun and whimsicle!! What an inspiration!!


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