Monday, June 30, 2008

EBSQ Ripped Off Show 2008

Kelly, 12" x 9", acrylic and collage on canvas

This is my entry for the EBSQ Annual Ripped Off Show this year. For this show you are partnered up with someone and do your take on one of their paintings. I was lucky enough to be partnered with a fantastic artist, Kris Jean. I love her work and I was so excited to work with her! "Kelly" is my take on her wonderful painting below.

Kris Jean's Original "Where Is He Now?"


Lacie Moto said...

You're fabulous and completely funky! I love it!

Amy Short said...

You are so clever! Love it! :o)

Diane Duda said...

this is so much fun, tif!
makes me want to rip somebody off. :)


The Bell Fam said...

Wow! What a cool concept for a show. I love it! What a great artist to be paired with. I really like her painting and I love your take on it. Really cool!

Carolyn said...

Oh you know I love your work... hey did you see I won the little flower painting on ebay the other day? I'm going to put it in the baby's room. I've gotta get one of your ladies for me next...
:c )

Karen Mowrey said...

What a neat idea. I always see art out there and think, "I want to try that" but it is already done by someone else. How fun. You did a great job!

Amy Short said...


I have just given you an award...mostly cause I think you are a great artist but it is for blogging as well. You can pick up your award at my blog.



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