Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mayzie - Now in My ETSY Store

Mayzie, 12"x12"
Poor Mayzie, "...a daisy was sprouting right out of her hair". I did this painting for a Dr. Seuss show. It's inspired by a Dr. Suess book called "Daisy-Head Mayzie". I painted Mayzie in my style although I kept the Dr. Suess classic red and white stripes by adding them for her eye lids.

I've had her in my studio for a while. I've been too attached to her to let her go, but it's time to send her off into the world and make room for new paintings. So Mayzie is now in my ETSY shop.


1 comment:

The Bell Fam said...

I love the colors of this painting! I am in this obsessive phase with the color mango (sort of the background color). I really want to paint a room this color. It works perfectly in the painting.


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