Tuesday, May 6, 2008

IF Seed- Fern

Just finished this today. This is Fern. Her skirt says "Fern" and the text by her shoulder says "It's been a lovely day." I had quite a lovely day with her today. Sometimes paintings just click and it's AWESOME!

This little lady is doing double duty this week. She is my entry for Illustration Friday for the theme "Seed". Ferns come from a seed, right? :-)

She is also my entry for the Flower of the Month Show on EBSQ this month. The flower this month is ferns. I'm hoping to enter the Flower of the Month shows more often with these little "Flower Girls". I hesitate to call it a series because it seems like when I start something and call it a series, I never do more than one. Remember "Blind Date #1"? I never did get to "Blind Date #2". :-)

She's not really cut in half, but the canvas is 16" x 8" and only half fits in the scanner at a time. I'll take her outside for more pictures tomorrow when the sun is out. But I wanted to post her now cause I'm pretty excited about her. She's probably headed for e-bay. I'll keep you posted.



MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Boy! this is so sweet and lovely, very good illustration!

Ratlion said...

Pretty! I like this style!

Kat Hannah said...

Adorable - I particularly love the shape of her nose

pupu said...

I like her nosee!!! That what catch my eye! :D Very nice!

Siukwan said...

Hi Tif, She is CUTE, I love her mouth and the ribbon at the hat!

Diane Duda said...

Oh I love this one too! Fern and the little bird girl are my FAVORITES!
I think it's the tiny little eyes along with the much larger nose and mouth. love 'em!


Lori said...

Oh!!!! The colors are eye candy!


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