Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Just Listed on e-bay

Spring is here! (At least it is in Las Cruces!) So I've decided to put my flower paintings on e-bay. This one is called "Sunny Day Flower" and is on e-bay now.

*Update: SOLD.

This one is called "We Are All Unique" and is also on e-bay now.

*Update: SOLD


sUz said...

hi tiF!

LOVE all of your sPriNg flowers - they are so cheery and beautiful!
hAPpy sPriNg!

iN jOy,

Moony said...

Gosh! I just checked this one out on your Etsy shop and the shipping price for the US, I'm hoping just needs a tad adjustment. lol

Thought I'd point it out. It's a lovely piece. I'd hate for that to be holding anyone back from buying it. =D


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