Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Arts and Crafts Class Today

Here's what we did today.

First, we painted plaster hearts. I used this activity as a way to introduce color mixing with the kids. I brought red, yellow, and blue paint and had them mix the other colors. I also brought white, black, gold and silver. They always love the gold and silver!

I made the hearts ahead of time with Plaster of Paris in a heart ice tray.

The kids had a great time painting them and they came out with some beautiful colors! Who knew mixing gold and black paint could be so pretty?

Our second project for today were these cute little Tootsie Pop Butterflies. I glue the eyes on the suckers before hand and for this class I also cut out the wings because I have a lot of kindergartners in there. The kids painted the wings and had a lot of fun twisting the pipe cleaner antnnae.

(This is my daughter, Peyton, holding up a pair of cuties she made for Girl Scouts. She did these with markers instead of paint.)


Natalie Simons said...

Those look so fun! I love the idea of the tootsie pop butterflies...I am going to file that idea away. You are so clever!

The Bell Fam said...

I LOVE the tootsie butterflies too. I want to do this with my kiddos for sure. What a fun idea. I like the plaster hearts for Valentine's Day. Super cute.


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