Monday, December 3, 2007

It's Monday so We're Crafting!!

How fun are these? My daughter got this blanket when she was born. I don't think she ever used it but I set it aside because I LOVE the print on it. So Diane and I made these pillows today from one baby blanket. Don't they just look like snuggly pajamas? They are thick, squishy fleece, so they feel just like snuggly pajamas too!

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Britt said...

Those pillow are so cute. Your talents are endless!

Also... my name plaques came yesterday!!! They are adorable!! They are even cuter than I imagined.

I can't wait to hang them on the kid's doors. Shaylin is going to flip over hers. (Those colors are perfect.) Skyler is going to LOVE the stars. (How did you do that?) And Sawyer will be thrilled that his is bright colors. You are so awesome! Thank you, Tif!


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