Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bullet Journal - Pages 1-7

Just staring out. This page seems very stiff to me. But I know as I become more free and comfortable, things will get better.

This "Work To Do List" will replace all the Post-its and scraps of paper on my desk at work! Once that page is full and (hopefully) completed, I'll start a new list on whatever page I find myself on in the journal. 

I'm already feeling freer and more confident in what I'm doing. I stopped putting the high and low temperatures and it's pretty much always sunny where I live so if there's a day that isn't, I'll probably note that. But no use drawing the little sun every day! (I'm not complaining--I do love me a sunny day!) I notice now as I look at this layout, the Friday/Saturday/Sunday side of it is colorful and bright and I left the Monday/Tuesday side black and white and gray. Seems about right for the weekend vs. the beginning of a work week, right?

Some notes I took on a Ted Talk I listened to and really liked.

That's it so far...stay tuned for more pages.

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Natalie Simons said...

I love these so much. I really want to liven up my journals with them. That way if I ever let my children see them, they will be interesting. Love this idea!!


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