Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A New Creative Endeavor - Bullet Journalling

I have been hearing things about Bullet Journalling recently and decided to check it out. I came across THIS VIDEO from Kara of bohoberry and knew immediately that this was something I wanted to try.

Cause here's the thing...I LOVE lists. I've, at all times, got 2 to 3 to 20 lists going. I do a daily TO DO list pretty much every day and just toss it in the recycling bin at the end of the day. I also have books for doodling, notebooks for sketching and lettering, a sketchbook for painting ideas. I take notes on podcasts I like. I have a list of books I want to read...the list of my lists goes on!!

Bullet Journalling is a way for me to combine my lists and doodles and lettering into one place!! Happy day!

I amazon primed this gorgeous Leuchtturm notebook right to myself and pulled out all the art pens I had and purchased a few new ones.
A couple of things...

1. I don't use the official Bullet Journalling system set up by Ryder Carroll because I have a system I've used forever and it works for me. Basically this is it:
When a task is completed, I cross it off. It's satisfying to me to cross it off. Check marks aren't as satisfying to me. If something gets cancelled or I decide not to do it at all, I draw a squiggly line through it. And if something needs to be moved to a future day, I circle it. It works for me--you may like something different. I also write tasks that I do every day even though I KNOW I need to do them. It goes back to the satisfaction of crossing things off. Sometimes I'll even write something I've ALREADY done just so I can cross it off! :)

2. I was worried about ghosting--seeing the marks from the page before coming through to your current page. Basically I had to just get over it. It happens. Once you start writing on a page you don't really notice it.

3. I love ball point pens and Sharpies. But so far I haven't used them in my Bullet Journal. Ball point pen doesn't bleed at first, but eventually it will bleed through to the next page. And Sharpie--oh how I love you Sharpie!!--but they will bleed too much onto the next page. So it's been an adjustment using the Faber-Castell Pitt F for writing my lists. I like my handwriting better with ballpoint or Sharpie, but what are ya gonna do? I use a Papermate Flair for most of my little sketches. And the color is either Papermate Flairs or Prisma Colored Pencils.

I've been working in this journal for several days and I'm having SO MUCH FUN!! CLICK HERE to see all my blog posts about Bullet Journalling, including pics of my pages. You can also follow me on Instagram.

Bullet Journalling...are you doing it????

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