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First Friday Art Class for November 2012 - Zentangle, Part 2

We had so much fun with the Zenspiration inspired class last month that I decided to continue with that same sort of drawing concept this month.

We started by drawing Repeat Pattern Stacks from Cindy at Rainbow Elephant. This is a really fun drawing exercise and can have endless possibilities for practice at home. Her handout is excellent (found HERE) and I like for the girls to have something to take home to remind them of the steps so they can practice.

We then moved on to Cruffles from Sandy Hunter at tanglebucket. They were so fun because the girls took the concept and ran with it. They were designing chandeliers, earrings, bracelets, dresses full of Cruffles, etc. The Cruffles really popped when they started adding color to them too!

The Cruffle worksheets can be found HERE and, again, they are excellent!!

The last concept we worked on were Coils from Sue Jacobs. This one is tricky at first, but Sue breaks it down nicely and makes it easy. And once they got it, the girls really had fun drawing coils around lollipop sticks and flower stems and all over their papers. 

I really think learning these types of design/doodles help you loosen up in your drawing and they help give you a fun concept to take and manipulate and change and make your own.

The girls did great and really got creative with these fun concepts!!
I'm imaging a month of sketchbook pages full of stacks and Cruffles and coils and stacks of Cruffles with coils around them! :)

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