Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Some Word Paintings

This is a fun process I am just starting to work with. It was inspired by an IG post by Stephanie Ackerman of Homegrown Hospitality. She didn't explain her process, so I just sort of winged it. But here's what I did:

1. Painted some Dollar Store signs and a wood panel with black gesso. (Remembered to take a picture after I'd already added some color)

2. Painted lots of colors and designs all over them. (I knew two of them would have Christmas words on them so I painted those backgrounds mainly red and green, but in the end it doesn't really show through as much as I thought it would. Any colors would work).
3. Painted a soft coat of thin white (craft) paint over the whole thing. Sorry no pic of this step.
4. Did the lettering with a paint pen.
5. Did another layer of white over the whole thing going around and inside the lettering and scallops. Tip: on two of the signs (You are Brave and 'tis the Season) I used the thin craft paint again and on one (Joy to the World) I used a heavy body acrylic paint (the kind in a tube). I like the look of the heavy body acrylic more. I'll do that from now on. It let a bit more of the background show through.
6. I popped the '''tis the Season" wood panel in a white frame I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby. And I drilled holes and attached a wire hanger on the other two. And of course I added ribbon and fabric. I can't not.

The hanging signs are for my sisters for Christmas and the framed sign is for me cause apparently, I'm REALLY doing a lot of holiday painting for myself this year. Stay tuned for more holiday paintings to come...

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