Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Paint Color Tags - Let's Get Organized

Got this idea from Diane Duda - an artist I just adore! - to make chips of all my paint colors. Years ago I inherited a bunch of craft paint. Some are so old they have price tags from stores that don't even exist anymore. So I know I won't always have these exact paints, but being able to lay out colors and think about the color scheme before starting a painting is proving VERY useful. And seriously, aren't they so pretty???

These masonite tags* were leftovers from an old project and my husband just cut them down a bit for me. They used to be 3"x3" square. They're now about 1.75" x 3".
This was my color scheme for one of my Glasses Girls. I didn't stick to it exactly, but it was a great jumping off point. (I went back and painted the sides of the tags later--they just looked too sloppy this way. And I wanted to be able to see from the top which color was which).

*A litte bit more about these tags. Years ago I made chalkboard tags from masonite squares my husband had cut for me. I sold them in groups of 3-5. An international company contacted me and wanted an order of 500 tags to tie to a CD they were about to launch. They said if all went well, they'd be ordering 500 more. So my husband decided to cut and drill all 1,000 at one time since the equipment was already set up, etc. Well, the second order ended up not happening. (I hope that doesn't mean the CD launch didn't go well...I don't really know). But I found myself with A LOT of little masonite tags. Throughout the years, I've made a bunch of things with them.

Below are some pics if you're interested. As you can see, I DO NOT let things go to waste and if there's something I can paint on, add paper to, and/or add ribbon to, I'll do it!


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