Friday, July 8, 2016

Bullet Journal Pages 56-57

A lot of chaos and craziness going on on these pages. That's how I like my daily To Do Lists though. It makes normal, everyday tasks seem more interesting.


Anonymous said...

WHAT PENS DO YOU USE??? I love them and would like to try them out myself!

Tif said...

I use lots of different pens on each page. The large lettering is fine with Zig Writers. I LOVE them!! I also use Pitt Pens and Papermate Flairs. But the Zig Writers are really my GO TO pens--especially for larger lettering. (Let me know if you want more details. I'd be happy to email you).

Tif said...

Should say the large lettering DONE...not fine. Stupid autocorrect! :)


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